Tim Middleton wrote:
One of the reason I started horribly hacking around PAS (I can't remember if
i looked at SUF at the time... I did look at PUF and tried to use it for a
while, and XUF)... is because it looked like the way Zope 3 is going...
while PAS may or may not ever get traction on Zope 2 (probably depends if
it ever gets integrated)... for those interested heading towards Zope 3,
PAS may be more attractive to work with. That being said, I haven't yet
done any serious Zope 3 development, so this comment is somewhat
superficial. But just to let you know the reasoning for my choice...

Sadly PAS, in Zope 2, and pau, in Zope 3, seem to be totally different things :-(


Chris - so much for not having to do SUF anymore :-(

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