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FWIW, PAS is a framework, which is shorthand for "software that is meant to be built upon that is not documented very well" ;-)

If you give us an idea of what you want to do, I'm sure somebody can point you in the right direction (even if the instruction is "look at this source code file").

In the meantime, reading the PAS interfaces in its "interfaces" directory is instructive just to give you an idea of what it *can* do.

- C

On Jun 27, 2006, at 11:57 AM, Jeff Peterson wrote:

Hi all,

Is there any localized documentation for using PAS?

I read this one: and that helped me to get it installed and give me the general idea that I could use this. But some more specific documentation would be nice.

I looked around but nothing else immediately popped into view for me.


--Jeffrey D Peterson

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At this point I have discerned that I likely want to use the scriptable plugin as I need to access an existing DB with usernames and passwords. What I am trying to get my hands around is how I will do that specifically. I assume that I will use some combination of ZSQLMethods and scripts, much like I am doing currently (I am basically porting an existing login system written by myself that utilizes the built-in sessions) PAS was suggested to me as a means to better manage the user not only for logging in to their account but also in applying roles, etc.

I was hoping that there was a how-to or something but since there isn't my only recourse is to just keep fiddling till I get it. :) At least there is this list, and from my past experiences with other Zope developers, this should be of use.

Thanks for the fast responses, I'll look at this some more and try and develop some more specific and intelligent questions.


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