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Martijn Faassen wrote:
Jim's answer about brittle mess on the mailing list makes it clear.
It makes his thinking clear, yes. I'm not clear on why he thinks that way. I would think: a zope.org that's so fragile it can't be touched by Jim Fulton is intolerable, and if upgrading a product risks breaking some of it, so be it; the bits that broke were in the way. Big deal, bring them back later; or not. But that's just my perspective; I won't get to make this decision. :)

What you need to do in order to get Apache access is contact Rob Page ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) (I've cc-ed him) and get and sign the agreement with ZC that you won't break their hosting environment.

Also: subscribe to zope-web@zope.org if you haven't already.
I'm here of course, but via gmane so you won't see me in the subscriber list.

Once we actually have responsive community members to fulfill technical tasks, we can make progress. If you'd be willing to take on some Apache config work on the current infrastructure I'd be very grateful!
Regarding this and the above - thanks for the guidance. I have these responses -

- I am carefully volunteering for very specific, well-defined tasks I know I understand and can keep motivated to work on; right now that is a zwiki upgrade. (Or, at least understanding the conditions under which it could happen.)

- Also I think you have good people already looking into apache (Jens, Andrew, Justizin).

- I've seen this twisty passage before. I'm pretty sure I signed an agreement for website work a few years back. It didn't give me permission to really fix things then and I don't think it would now.

- I understand why the paperwork exists, but I think it represents some bureaucracy that is near the root of the problem with zope.org. I feel to engage with it only repeats the cycle of private email, delay, loss of momentum, and prolongs the bigger problem. Give a volunteer a login, and (s)he'll get to work..

- If Rob will (re)post the url of the official current version of the appropriate agreement, I will read it with a fresh mind and reconsider. I do want to help in some way.

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