* Jim Fulton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [050420 17:37]:
> I was hoping to stay out of this discussion, but ...
> 1. There will be many more releases of Zope 2, including
>     2-digit releases like 2.10, 2.11, etc.
> 2. The X in Zope 3X means that there is not yet support for
>     Zope 2 transition.  It's about setting expectations.
>     I'm OK with dropping the X is someone else wants to manage
>     this communication another way, but I'd rather not drop it.
>     When we do finally have a story for transitioning Zope 2
>     apps to Zope 3:
>     a) we will not renumber
>     b) We don't know the nature of that transition support, so
>        we should not worry now about whether it will clutter
>        anything.
> 3. If I have anything to say about it, there will never be a Zope 4. :)
> 4. I'm OK with dropping the extra 3 in the release names.  IMO
>     either Zope X3.1.0 or Zope 3.0.1 are fine.

I'm fine with either decision. I just still need a way of naming the
security certified fork. :/ And that either doesn't include the name of
the fork but it's own numbering scheme.

Some may jump in and say "don't fork". But it looks like that will
happen. Eventually the certified version might just be a configuration
switch. Anyway, doing the certified version likely won't work on the
same branch as other people are putting features in. I need to have
a point to only apply changes for getting it certified to. :/

So, unfortunately, "Zope 3.1 CC" or "Certified Zope 3.1.1"" might become
reality. Eventually it also will only be "Zope 3.1.5 (certified)".
Problem is: I have to state an (estimated) identifier within the
certification documents to identify the target that we're certifying.
I'll ask the reviewers when we have to fix that.


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