Garrett Smith wrote:
I think ValueChangedEvent would be a good addition to the forms
machinery. But if you need something like that now, I'd recommend using
your own edit view class.

That would be a solution for the moment, but in the future I would like to say that my
application provides also versioning for content types of other third party applications. This leads to a second major problem: How can I be sure that other applications do send events for all modifications they perform. It is very easy to forget that. My versioning scheme would be less error prone if I could check for modified objects via ITransaction.beforeCommitHook or ISynchronizer.beforeCompletion. Can this already be done in the current state of development? I found no hints in the Zope3 sources that these interfaces of the transaction module are already used.

In the meanwhile we need a decision, whether the ObjectContentModifiedEvent should be used in the File._setData method. I  would like to check this solution in. Any objections? The ObjectContentModifiedEvent class can be removed later on, if noone else is using it.

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