Uwe Oestermeier wrote at 2005-5-11 11:18 +0200:
> ... indexing performance ...
>I agree, but perhaps we can find a compromise that fits 
>all needs. I propose to use pluggable modification utilities.
>The container related events are already fired by only two 
>functions (setitem and uncontained). If we introduce a third 
>one for object modification (e.g. update or modify and an 
>additional annotate if needed), we can replace these 
>functions with callable utilities, which are responsible for 
>performing the changes and  firing the events.
>It's then up these components which events are
>actually used.

Sounds good, but I am nevertheless convinced that we
want finer grain control -- almost as fine (but probably with other
means) as the "idxs" argument to "catalog_object" (which controls
precisely which indexes should be reindexed). We will probably
replace the selection of affected indexes with some interface
related concept.

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