Dieter Maurer wrote:
>Sounds good, but I am nevertheless convinced that we
>want finer grain control -- almost as fine (but probably with other
>means) as the "idxs" argument to "catalog_object" (which controls
>precisely which indexes should be reindexed). We will probably
>replace the selection of affected indexes with some interface
>related concept.

That's exactly what my proposal wants to achieve. If you need finer
the pluggable modifier is the right place to introduce whatever you want.
special events you can add hooks, introduce type specific adapters etc.
All we need
at the moment (at least for cataloging and versioning) is the certainty
that all 
relevant modifications are going through the same replaceable component. 
Everything else can be implemented later on.

As far as I understand Zope3's catalog implementation most indexes use a
interface + attribute specification, which a ValueChangedEvent could
The "BetterModifier" in my proposal sends these infos in addition to an
unspecific modified event and thus should be sufficient for most purposes. 
One problem I see is that different schema adapters can use the same slots
different fields. To solve this problem one could probably use object
annotations to
store footprints of the involved indexes and their relationships. But
again the
modification component would be the right place to evaluate these

-- Uwe

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