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 - to unify the whole Zope/CMS-involved community to drastically reduce
   waste of resources (doing twice or more equivalent components /

How do you plan to keep the project apart from the interests of Nuxeo?

Although Julien's intro said Paris and on behalf of Nuxeo, the Z3 ECM project is a joint collaboration between CPS, Silva, Plone, and any other CMS or individual developer that wants to work together for the move to Zope 3.

We've all made a very strong effort to collaborate and not promote our individual projects ahead of the common goal. The Zope track at EuroPython will promote this idea of working together, as will the planned Z3 ECM sprint the weekend before the conference.

So far things have gone well for this as a group effort: the panel discussion closing last year's conference, Philipp and Martijn's Z3 Base from last year, a sprint that Jim led and all the projects attended in Vienna, a sprint in Paris that had people from all projects participate.

It's now time to start pitching in some resources and getting some things done. Nuxeo is in the lead on this part. I'm planning to do a two-day workshop at sprint. We are actively hoping to line up the shared goals with individual goals.


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