Jim Fulton wrote:
> Garrett Smith wrote:
>> :-) I guess this approach is *so* endemic to Zope 3, I must be
>> missing something huge.
> What we're talking about is not very different from the way that
> composition is used to prevent explosition of field types.
> For example, we use: List(Int()) rather than IntegerList.
> Note that we use a combination of type and composition,
> hopefully striking a good balence.

I see your point.

But events are essentially an API and a well defined contract is better
than an implicit one. I think we're going to see a lot code that looks
like this:

  if not 'my stuff' in event.extra:

OTOH, if we're talking about different event types, only the applicable
handlers gets called.

I also think this is being driven by the "I can imagine..." syndrome.

Anyway, I'm done spouting :-)

 -- Garrett
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