[Wichert Akkerman]
|> I just noticed a unittest error on the current svn trunk:
> Failure in test testRunIgnoresParentSignals 
> (zdaemon.tests.testzdrun.ZDaemonTests)
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>  File "/local/sources/svn/zope/Zope3/src/zdaemon/tests/testzdrun.py", line 
> 237, in testRunIgnoresParentSignals
>    self.assert_(is_started, "spawned process failed to start in a minute")
>  File "/usr/lib/python2.3/unittest.py", line 278, in failUnless
>    if not expr: raise self.failureException, msg
> AssertionError: spawned process failed to start in a minute

[Stephan Richter]
> I always ignore this one ;-)

Implying that you also see it fail in current trunk?  There are no
collector issues open against this; I never see it (but I usually run
on Windows, where this test doesn't run at all); and it hasn't failed
in the overnight testrunner reports for well over a month (not since I
changed this test to wait for a freaking minute for the process to

[Wichert Akkerman]
> If it is something to be ignored shouldn't be disabled? Having a known
> failure in the unittests is kind of bad.

See above.  Does it fail often for you (or for Stephan)?  If so,
someone on a platform where it fails needs to investigate why.  It
certainly isn't failing for everyone.

Could this issue be relevant?


Note that I'm just trying to help this along here -- nobody
identifiable is "in charge of" zdaemon, so fixing zdaemon problems has
to be a community effort.

Hmm.  The overnight testrunner reports don't try Zope3, just assorted
flavors of Zope 2.  Zope and Zope3 trunks both stitch in


so that's not the problem.  Maybe something else is unique to Zope3.
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