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Stephan Richter wrote:
> On Thursday 04 August 2005 22:40, Gary Poster wrote:
>>When trying to determine a plug point for some functionality we were  
>>contemplating, Fred Drake and I were surprised to see that  
>>allowed for specifying the SOAP request factory, but not any of the  
>>other request factories (HTTPRequest, BrowserRequest,  
>>XMLRPCRequest).  This smells like an oversight/bug.  I'd like to fix  
>>this for 3.1.
> Shrug, this is a risky change. If something goes wrong there, a lot of code 
> will be screwed. I agree it is fairly trivial to fix, but I would prefer it 
> to be done right. I plan to address the entire HTTPRequest/Publication/... 
> issue with the Twisted integration work.

Can you point me to the discussion of the tradeoffs involved in moving
to Twisted?  I have a (perhaps unfounded) sense that its HTTP server
implementation has serious scaling problems, even compared to ZServer.
Perhaps that has changed over time, but at the time I acquired the
opinion, it seemed to be the sense of the Twisted community that HTTP
wasn't "shiny" enough to get lots of attention, in the face of "sexy"
work to add new features.

Does anybody have experience running Twisted at "enterprise" scale?  By
that, I mean:

  - pagers go off when it falls over;

  - you know your "committed information rate", and watch your bursts

etc.  I know that the feature set which Twisted makes available is
interesting, but I would be *strongly* opposed trading away stability
and scale for HTTP in exchange for yet-another-protocol-which-noone-
actually uses (likely an unfair characterization, I admit).

I am *not* opposed to the idea of making Zope more friendly to running
behind Twisted;  I *do* think we need to consider carefully whether we
will be wise to make Twisted the *only* way to run Zope3 for HTTP.

+1 for Gary's change:  I don't see any risk at all, if the default remains.

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