On 8/7/05, Gary Poster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Have you ever written functional tests and been surprised that they
> get security proxies around i18n Messages and MessageIDs in the
> tests, but not in the server?  I have. :-)
> I'm not sure how often people encounter this, but I think I've heard
> one other person describe the symptom.

I know I've described it to you, but it cleared up as I fixed other
things in the code I was testing, IIRC.

> I believe I've tracked down
> the cause.  Here's a description of the problem AIUI, and then my
> suggested solution.

This certainly makes sense; wish I'd seen the reason for the problem
when I looked at it.

> Suggested solution:
> Have zope.app.security define a new zcml tag in the main zope namespace:
>      <defineChecker
>          class='standard.zcml.import.path'
>          checker='standard.zcml.import.path' />
> where "standard.zcml.import.path" indicates that a standard zcml
> import path type goes there.
> Have zope/app/security/_protections.zcml use this new tag to set the
> checker for MessageID and Message, removing the parallel code from
> _protections.py.

I like this approach.

> Thoughts?  Alternate suggestions (I have a few, but this is my
> favorite)?  Stephan, do you want this fix in 3.1, assuming it goes
> quickly and smoothly?

This *is* a new feature, even though intended as a bugfix.  I'm
hesitant to see it in 3.1 because of the late date, though I think the
risk is actually very small.


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