Have you ever written functional tests and been surprised that they get security proxies around i18n Messages and MessageIDs in the tests, but not in the server? I have. :-)

I'm not sure how often people encounter this, but I think I've heard one other person describe the symptom. I believe I've tracked down the cause. Here's a description of the problem AIUI, and then my suggested solution.


zope/app/security/_protections.py is the place in which zope.app makes some fundamental security declarations: MessageIDs should not get security proxies (a known security hole); Messages should not get security proxies (just fine, and the intended solution to the aforementioned security hole); and the __name__ and __parent__ attributes should be available by default.

These settings are put in place in zope/app/security/__init__.py, rather than in zcml.

When running the server, this is fine. The declarations are made once, and remembered: Messages and MessageIDs don't get proxies.

When running tests, however, (all? most?) test cleanups run zope/ security/checker.py _clear, which cleans out the mutable that held the NoProxy declaration for Messages and MessageIDs and resets it. The __name__ and __parent__ additions remain, not affected by the _clear. The end result is that subsequent tests give proxies to Messages and MessageIDs, but everything else remains the same. Surprise!

This is generally only an issue for functional tests.

Suggested solution:

Have zope.app.security define a new zcml tag in the main zope namespace:

        checker='standard.zcml.import.path' />

where "standard.zcml.import.path" indicates that a standard zcml import path type goes there.

Have zope/app/security/_protections.zcml use this new tag to set the checker for MessageID and Message, removing the parallel code from _protections.py.

The __name__ and __parent__ setting smells like it ought to go in zcml to me as well, but it is not currently causing a problem because the mutable it modifies is not reset for tests (which also perhaps should be revisited). I'm not proposing to change any of that for now.

Thoughts? Alternate suggestions (I have a few, but this is my favorite)? Stephan, do you want this fix in 3.1, assuming it goes quickly and smoothly?

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