Stephan Richter wrote:
On Wednesday 07 September 2005 08:41, Chris Withers wrote:

I know Zope 2 has the bizarre need for a dual "Zope DA" and "Python DB"
set of things, but do we have to support this pattern in Zope 3?

Is there any reason the Zope 3 RBD machinery can't just work with ANY
Python DBAPI 2.0 (or whatever..) compatible database library?

Yes, we have the need. We need the wrapper to correctly handle our transactions, so that if a RDB transaction is aborted, the ZODB/Zope transaction should also be aborted, etc.

OK, that's all well and good, but are you saying that Python's DBAPI doesn't have generic transaction hooks? If it doesn't, that seems like a deficiency that should be addressed in Python with a PEP.

If it does, then why don't we use those?

I guess my comments come from seeing lots of different Zope 2 DAs where all the boilerplate of the "DA", as opposed to the "DB", has been copied between different DAs, and often implemented with varying degrees of incompetence and lack of maintenance ;-)

If we can get all that stuff in one place, then we have a much better chance of making it as good as it should be, AND we make it possible to use any relational database which has a python library, rather than having ot wait for some poor unsuspecting code monkey to try and write the DA...


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