Tim Peters wrote:
How would you do what manually?  Install all the versions of Python
you care about on Windows, and build Zope using the version of Python
you want to test with.  For example,

    \Python23\python setup.py build_ext -i install_data --install-dir .
    \Python23\python test.py -v

from the root of a Zope3 checkout, to test Zope3 with Python 2.3.5,
assuming you installed the latest release in the Python 2.3 line and
accepted the default installation directory.  Use the path to a
different Python if you want to use a different Python.

Oh, sorry, I meant "how do you select the right version of VC++?" and how do you install both VC 6 and VC 7 at the same time?

Sorry for being clueless, when it comes to VC I really am, rather than just pretending ;-)


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