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Garrett Smith wrote:

I don't understand what you just said :-)
My fault -- I haven't been plugged into the other discussion.
Is there a branch somewhere that has a simple demo to help with grokability?

http://www.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Projects/ComponentArchitecture/ ResourceLibraryREADMETxt

...but other than that, no. We can put the implementation up for the current version in the sandbox, but the README and the interfaces are the most pertinent bits.

A story that I find pretty compelling is a page of JSR-168-like portlets. The user might add any kind of portlet. The portlet might need any sort of JS or CSS. The portlet might include an automatically generated form, which might have a widget, which might need any sort of JS or CSS.

A solution is needed unless you demand that the portlet page load all possible JS and CSS all the time, or that you have a very tight coupling between the widgets and the portlets, and the portlets and the surrounding page (...and you can imagine, and we even have concretely, other examples, of things that the portlet might contain...).

This same sort of thing would be true for CPSSkins code, as I understand it.

You could also be asking about the pipeline ideas, but that's not my first guess. :-)

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