On Tuesday 11 October 2005 13:24, Jeff Shell wrote:
> These are some comments he made specifically about finding Zope 3
> information. They may seem a bit crude, but he seems genuinely
> frustrated. Now - I'll add that I'm impressed with tools like apidoc,
> the books, and all of that, but if you compare the Zope 3 wiki front
> page with that of http://www.rubyonrails.com/ and
> http://www.turbogears.org/ you'll see that there's a big difference.
> And you know that I personally have a big distaste for Wikis. Someone
> (I can't remember who) said recently that a good problem with Wikis is
> that it's hard to grok the relevance of a certain page - does it still
> apply to current thinking? There are a lot of historical artifacts in
> the Zope 3 development wiki. And I'm not saying that we should get rid
> of them, but it's just hard to know that PageA is a hypothetical
> dreamland item from three years ago and PageB right next to it is
> valid information and documentation for Zope 3.1.

I think the main issue with Zope 3 documentation is the lack of commitment to 
update it. That is not meant to invalidate your other points though.

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