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FYI (this is mostly for the benefit of the Five folks), I've created a
Zope 2.9 branch from the trunk as of about 10 minutes ago.  This branch
is frozen for feature work; it may need some changing of externals to
reflect what we want the initial version of Zope 3 that we want 2.9 to
ship with.  I don't know what that version is, so this is a note to say
that if these externals changes get made on the Zope 2 trunk, please
also make them on the 2.9 branch.

I would have created the 2.9 branch in case the current trunk would be ready to branch. At least one week ago there were unresolved issues (with zpkg I think) that deferred the 2.9 release (scheduled for last Monday). So in general what is the current state of the remaining work to get 2.9b1 out to the people?


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