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FYI (this is mostly for the benefit of the Five folks), I've created a
Zope 2.9 branch from the trunk as of about 10 minutes ago.  This branch
is frozen for feature work; it may need some changing of externals to
reflect what we want the initial version of Zope 3 that we want 2.9 to
ship with.  I don't know what that version is, so this is a note to say
that if these externals changes get made on the Zope 2 trunk, please
also make them on the 2.9 branch.

I would have created the 2.9 branch in case the current trunk would be ready to branch. At least one week ago there were unresolved issues (with zpkg I think) that deferred the 2.9 release (scheduled for last Monday). So in general what is the current state of the remaining work to get 2.9b1 out to the people?

Do you also track bugs?  I'm not sure how, aside from feature completeness, we
decide we're ready for a beta.  For Zope 3, we prioritize bugs as critical
to indicate that they must be resolved before a release.  Is there a similar
process for Zope 2.  I realize that you make a significant contribution
just making the release.  I'm not sure if you are also trying to be the one to
decide (or to manage the decision) to make releases.  We currently have 9
critical Zope 2 bugs.  I don't know if that has the same significane as
for Zope 3.


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