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Do you also track bugs?

I can only what I know of. If there are bugs then they should be documented
in the collector.

I'm not sure how, aside from feature
completeness, we
decide we're ready for a beta.  For Zope 3, we prioritize bugs as critical
to indicate that they must be resolved before a release.  Is there a
process for Zope 2.

There are no 2.9 related issues in the collector but I assume there a bunch
of unreported issues.

I realize that you make a significant contribution
just making the release.


I'm not sure if you are also trying to be the
one to
decide (or to manage the decision) to make releases.

The decision to make release basically depends on the OK from everyone having contributed lately to the trunk. This affects basically the Five contributions, the zpkg changes and some changes from you. So that's why was asking about the status (see my other posting on zope-dev).

 We currently have 9
critical Zope 2 bugs.

Where are they documented? They should be documented in the collector or least there should be some communication on zope-dev about ongoing release issues. I can not follow every discussions on IRC (time constraints, different timezones)..


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