Stephan Richter wrote:

On Sunday 13 November 2005 13:37, netlander wrote:
I can help to review existing Zope3Dev wiki.
May be create list: wiki -- status.
Statuses may be:
-- outdated
-- under development (still requires further agreement)
-- recomended (tried and tested)

Note that those type of tags already exist and are used.
Yes. You are right.

Uwe Oestermeier wrote:

Such a list would be very useful. But I think the states "recommended" and
"outdated" are sufficient (at least for the moment). If in doubt I would
take over the contribution and let the recipients decide whether they make any use of the contribution or not.

Yes. You are right. But for wiki classification we need to understand
wiki readers (auditorium). For him outdated?

There are next type of outdated:
-- completed (finished) - may be need as documentation
-- frozen, but actually - may be need as project problem (plan)
-- obsolete -- need not (for zope museum only :-) ).

For Zope3 developers not interesting completed and obsolete.
For web developers (scripters) not interesting frozen and obsolete.
IMHO:  To separate wiki to next group:
1) actually, not outdated
2) actually, frozen
3) completed
Inside the to create 2 zones:
-- for Zope3 developers  (1st and 2nd groups of wiki)
-- for other (3rd group of wiki)
What do you think about mark (status) - completed, frozen, obsolete?

If you send this list to me I will integrate it into the importer.
I see 2 tasks:
Task 1. Express (or very hot) - Import wiki to
Task 2. It is important - What is it (as application)?

Task 1. Today in section zope3-dev we have 627 wiki. First from Aug 3, 2003. Last from Nov 10, 2005, I need 1-2 days for analyzing and creating of list.

Task 2. Approach to creation. We need to collect all requirements to application and create requirement specification. Where and how do it?

Valeri Lazarev

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