On Wednesday 23 November 2005 22:01, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> Messing up Zope 3 is specifically not the intention of this proposal. It
> says so explicitly in the "Your questions answered" section.

Though it is not your intend, the merge would in fact mess up the trunk, 
specifically from a Zope 3 developer's perspective.

> You state correctly that "some Zope 3 developers don't care about Zope2".
> This might seem like a suitable point of view, but as Martijn pointed out
> very well, it's also a foolish one. It limits the acceptance of Zope 3
> within the Zope community.

How is it foolish? I have no need for Zope 2, so why should I maintain it? I 
only make money doing Zope 3 projects and as a hobby I only enjoy working 
with Zope 3 technologies. There is nothing in for me here. And this is true 
for any pure Zope 3 developer.

> Zope 2 is a mess, I give you that. I'm not asking any Zope 3 developer to
> re-embrace it, though.

But I have to relearn it for the pure purpose of developing on the Zope 3 
trunk. That's just not right!

> In fact, the idea of this proposal is not that Zope 
> 2 is going to stay with us forever. It is about speeding up the convergence
> process! There are a good amount of people, Martijn and me included, who
> are working towards improving Zope 2 and we simply want to attract more
> people to help us.

Yeah, you are forcing me to help you out!

> The few "Zope 3 developers [that] don't care
> about Zope2" are the minority and I think they could use the help from the
> rest of the Zope community.

It depends on the perspective you take. If you look at the whole community, 
then yes, we are probably in the minority (even though that counting all 
people that voted so far, there are more -1 votes). A more appropriate sample 
would be the people actually contributing to Zope 3 on a regular basis or the 
ones that exclusively use Zope 3. Using this group, we have about an 80-90% 
-1 vote count.

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