Benji York wrote:
> Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> > Really, *how* does it mess up the trunk? Half of the packages of Zope
> > 2 are also in Zope 3 because they're either ZODB or Zope3-related
> > anyway. Another quarter of the packages will go away within one year
> Perhaps that would be a more suitable time to consider such a proposal.

Perhaps. Or perhaps it's exactly the right time for this proposal because of 

> > not too long ago the Zope 3 repository was strongly advertised as a
> > place for people to put their Zope3-related software so that it would
> > be kept up to speed with refactorings and such. If that offer was for
> > non-Zope-core software, it should especially be good for Zope itself.
> I think the time has come for this to change.  With a maturing code base
> and with systems like BuildBot we should be able to assure cross project
> testing (between Zope 2, Zope 3, and non-core projects).

I agree that a buildbot system does solve problem #3 of my proposal ("Zope 3 
affect Zope 2"), though only on the surface: we'd be knowing there's a problem 
but the
person responsible for the refactoring can dump the responsiblity on someone 

> > Note however that I'm looking to get more Zope 3 contributors with
> > this action.
> We do need to be careful that any such transition is handled correctly
> or we risk flooding Z3 with people (justifiably) unfamiliar with the
> project while simultaneously disenfranchising existing developers.

I agree. This is why I've tried to put a lot of thought in this proposal and 
I'm inviting
everyone to add your concerns as a (perhaps unanswered) question under the "Your
questions answered" section.


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