Phillip's Proposal:
Furthermore, I propose to remove the |IDefaultLayer| interface. We've been using the |default| layer as a connotation of "always being available unless overridden by a more specific layer." However, this does not apply all the time: When the |default| layer is not included in a specific skin, nothing from the |default| layer will be found even though the ZCML statements suggest that it would always be available. I therefore propose to make the |default| skin layer an alias for |IBrowserRequest|. Anything registered for |default| will obviously always be available then, no matter what your skin layer looks like.

I really appreciate that I can disable all registrations if I do not derive a skin from the default layer. That's very important use case for us. We introduced a minimal layer that is providing only the most important functionality like traversers etc. Regularly we derive end-user skins from this minimal layer and then we register all views explicitly so that we have full controll over accessibility of information.

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