Martijn Faassen wrote:
What if we can create in SVN the equivalent of what would be an egg + its dependencies for checkout, using externals? I know Jim said he doesn't want to use externals, but I'm thinking in that direction. You'd have one SVN directory for each egg, which then contains the right externals to pull in all the dependencies. Hopefully the process of creating such an SVN directory could be automated from egg dependency metadata.

I'm confused. I thought you wanted a checkout to look like a release.
Releases won't use svn:externals.  What about dependencies that aren't
managed in subversion?  Will you import them into a repository just so
you can use an external?  What if a dependency of a dependency changes?
Externals don't handle this well.  Eggs do.

I think we should investigate eggs.  Do I know they will work? No.  I
haven't done much with them yet. Do you know they won't? Obviously not.
I suggest we reserve jusdgement until we have had an opportunity for
some prototyping.  Based on what I've seen so far, I'm very hopeful.
And then there's the fact that they come from a much wider community
than just Zope.


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