Stephan Richter wrote:
On Thursday 19 January 2006 07:00, Jim Fulton wrote:

> I feel like an old record, but please

let's keep the development process as simple as possible. I rather make
some concessions to the packaging and dependency system than spending
more time developing.

Perhaps our goals are different. I want Zope's packages to be usable
outside of Zope.  I also want to make it easier to use external packages.
I think that a more package-centric development methodoligy will make
achieving these goals much easier.  I also think it will make Zope releases
go smoother because the scope of the release will be narrower.  Someday,
A Zope release will include an app-server specific core and a collection of
other package releases.  To the extend that those packages have their own
lifeccyles, and quality control, the amount of newly released code in a
Zope release wil be smaller.  A package-based approach will also make it
easier to release less. We'll be freed from a "batteries included"
mentality that encourages large high-risk releases. And it will make it
easier for people to make custom releases that have configurations targeted
to specific needs.

I think we do have different goals here. I would agree with that approach, if we would have a large community where small groups take over the maintenance and development of a package. But that's not the case and it will not change any time soon, I think.

I disagree.  There are sub-projects within The Zope tree that are worked on
by a few people.  Take viewlets for example.  I think we'll have more of this
once we have a more supportive environment.


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