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--On 23. Januar 2006 18:29:18 +0100 Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

And the intended audience of ZCML is a very different audience -
developers versus sysadmins.

This separation is artificial. I've never seen a single Zope installation where a system administrator had to care about Zope configuration issue. There was always a Zope developer in charge to deal with configuration issues.

Sure, but it's not my point. I don't think sysadmins, familiar with Apache configuration syntax, are the audience for ZCML. Developers are. Therefore, an important benefit of ZConfig syntax, familiarity from Apache, goes away in case of ZCML. While many developers may be familiar with Apache config syntax, not all are, and a random developer is more likely to be familiar with XML anyway.

Anyway, this whole discussion may be moot; Jim's proposal is rather hard to interpret for people in this thread, so now I don't know anymore what he's proposing. :)


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