Gary Poster wrote:
[snip lots of cool stuff]

Great, more stuff to play with! :)

Just saw zope.file; this begs to be combined with hurry.file's smart upload feature, where the server retains the file so that validation feedback forms work with files.

ZC has released many other useful standalone projects on over the past few months, including zope.file, zope.ucol, zope.locking, and zc.catalog. They all are worth a look.

What's the thinking about moving some of this into the zope core? Additionally, at Infrae we have the hurry package that contains some stuff that might be useful to fold into the core (in particular hurry.query and hurry.file, combined with zope.file).

Is this stuff intended to end up in the zope core eventually? If so, what steps will need to be taken? I imagine this also ties into the eggs story, but the question on the zope core perhaps still stands - what would be a dependency of the zope core?


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