Stephan Richter wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 February 2006 05:09, Jeff Shell wrote:
>>Alright, I've stayed up way too late on this.
> Jeff,
> you always make great points! I would like to nominate you as the "Zope 3 
> Propaganda Minister"! :-) No seriously, you have a great way of explaining 
> why Zope 3 is better than the latest hype; I think you are probably the best 
> qualified to lead the marketing efforts? Are you willing? Anyone seconding 
> me? :-)


Jeffs postings are somewhat lengthy, but allways worth to be read :)

Just curious - has anyone already thought about the ressource organization?
Is there any place we can paste our marketing slogans into? Some
repository which could host design proposals for the brand new Zope3
advocay site?

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