Gary Poster wrote:
What if we still deprecated browser:layer but kept a redefined version of browser:skin? Then your zcml--



could become

<browser:skin component=".interfaces.ShanghaiSkin" name="ShanghaiSkin" />

Even though it's longer, I still like the interface/utility version. I think it really helps the developer understand what's going on and that it's not magic. The decreased brevity is of secondary concern to me.

More brainstorming: perhaps if there was a way to define ZCML in terms of other ZCML we could have the best of both worlds. If someone saw the shorter version in a config file and didn't know what it did, they could go look up another file with the definition of "browser:skin" in terms of interface and utility they could say "aha! I see how it works" and then continue using the shorter version.

I know you can do that now by looking up the Python code that implements browser:skin, but it seems too indirect to me.
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