Geoff Davis wrote:
* Can we address Jeff's concerns?  If so, how?
* What can we learn from Rails / Django / TurboGears?

I think that one of the first steps is to agree on who our
target audiences are and target them individually.  Zope has
a number of target audences, including:

- Non-technical users who just want to crank our a web application
  with little muss and fuss.  This was the original focus of Zope 2
  and now Plone.

- People who know what an app server is and know they need one.
  People who know they need to reuse applications and need tools
  to customise them. People who know they need rich servcies, like
  security, transactions, etc.  These are the people for whom Zope 3
  was written.

- People who want straightforward tools for developing small to moderate
  complexity sites in Python.  I don't think we are servving this audience

Then there are more fragmented audiences, like people who want a dirt
simple way to create applications based on relational databases.

My main point is that we need to consider each of these audiences, as
they have separate concerns.  We need to be explicit about this and
have messages and technical solutions tailored to each audience.


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