Max M wrote:
Geoff Davis wrote:
Jeff Shell has posted some thought-provoking pieces on his blog that are
relevant to Jim's recent attempt to better articulate a vision for Zope:

Griddle *Noise* and thats exactly what it is... noise.

"I come to bury Jeffrey, not to praise him".

Jeffrey is old-school. Jeffrey is a true believer. He's been chipping in quite a bit on the threads on doing almost the entire totality of blogging on Zope 3. If we can't keep him, we're lost.

I know of a few people that are dispirited by this thread. Don't be!! This is a good thread, showing that people care. They might not care the *same*, but the fact that they care is more important. Plus, I think we learned a lot in this thread.

I dunno, perhaps I'm a hopeless optimist, but I think this thread will prove a pivot point for an upswing. Let's let it all hang out, baby! Let's make the case for Zope, go tell it on the mountain, etc.

But Jeffrey, he's old school. He gets a pass. He's giving constructive input. Let's listen and improve.


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