Sidnei da Silva wrote:
On Mon, Mar 13, 2006 at 02:16:17PM -0700, Jeff Shell wrote:
| And I think it's
| very important for the Python code to say what it does, so when I come
| back to a module five months later I'm not staring at MyFactory going
| "yeah, but what is it?"

One thing that must not pass by unnoticed is that one of the points of
'Why ZCML' is that it allows you to 'do stuff' (configuration?) with
plain python code that wasn't written for, nor depends on, Zope 3

That is, to me, a very important feature. To be able to write some
python module that does not depend on Zope 3 at import time, but is
'hooked into' Zope 3 externally, with ZCML, at 'configuration time'.

As I understand, no other framework out there gives you this.

I would suggest that is a component architecture feature, not a ZCML feature. If Zope were a hardware device, the CA would be the wiring and ZCML would be the schematic diagram.

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