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Gary Poster wrote:
> On Apr 4, 2006, at 12:38 PM, Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> * does anyone have any objections if I make eggs for various zc.* 
>> packages? In svn, this involves adding a setup.py to these  packages,
>> and to add a __init__.py to the zc package that they  contain (which
>> contains some egg-specific stuff).
> Sounds great!  (I assume the __init__ changes won't cause problems 
> without setuptools around).

There is supposed to be a dance in Python itself for declaring a
namespace package.  Framkly, anybody who wants to play along *without*
setuptools installed has rocks in their heads:  distutils is too wanky
to use by itself for "complicated" cases, and setuptools makes it just
barely tolerable.

>  Jim points out that Nathan Yergler has a 
> script that can generate eggs from zpkg data; you might or might not 
> find that to be easier.  It's less of an obvious win with these 
> packages that have little or no zpkg metadata already, but it might 
> still be quicker in some cases (no idea myself).
>> * the setup.py I'll create will only work with setuptools  installed;
>> is this a problem?
> Not from us.  You'd maybe get even more warm fuzzies from people by 
> making it not require setuptools, but that limitation doesn't bother us.
>> * what email address should I list for the author of some zc  package?
>> this is information that will appear in the cheeseshop.
> zope3-dev@zope.org
>> * to get the full egg experience, I'd like to have them uploaded to 
>> the cheeseshop. I could do this myself, but they're not my  packages.
>> Can I? or does someone else want to do this? I'll of  course gladly
>> give admin rights for these packages to the real  creators.
> Jim also suggests the new, as-of-this-moment-no-longer-secret http://
> download.zope.org/distribution/ as a possible location instead.  All 
> Zope committers have the appropriate privileges to scp to this 
> directory.  That's where he will be doing his egg work, at least  until
> he thinks we have figured out the best way to make Zope eggs.   It can
> be used a setuptools source.

Note that I am actively working in that directory on eggifying a number
of the "top-level" zope packages in "released" verisons (typically in
the flavors which shipped with ZopeX3.0.0 and Zope3.2).

> If you want to use the cheeseshop anyway, that's ok too.

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