Gary Poster wrote:

On Apr 4, 2006, at 12:38 PM, Martijn Faassen wrote:

Hi there,

* does anyone have any objections if I make eggs for various zc.* packages? In svn, this involves adding a to these packages, and to add a to the zc package that they contain (which contains some egg-specific stuff).

Sounds great! (I assume the __init__ changes won't cause problems without setuptools around).

I'll try to verify this. Note that this change will occur in an that currently doesn't in fact *exist* in these packages (in the 'zc' directory). Presumably you don't need it now in deployment.

Jim points out that Nathan Yergler has a script that can generate eggs from zpkg data; you might or might not find that to be easier. It's less of an obvious win with these packages that have little or no zpkg metadata already, but it might still be quicker in some cases (no idea myself).

Thanks for the reference to that script. I'm going to avoid zpkg if I can though, and I think you're right in that there's no ZPKG data to speak of for these extensions.

* the I'll create will only work with setuptools installed; is this a problem?

Not from us. You'd maybe get even more warm fuzzies from people by making it not require setuptools, but that limitation doesn't bother us.

Okay, good. Warm fuzzies are nice, but I won't worry too much about that.


* to get the full egg experience, I'd like to have them uploaded to the cheeseshop. I could do this myself, but they're not my packages. Can I? or does someone else want to do this? I'll of course gladly give admin rights for these packages to the real creators.

Jim also suggests the new, as-of-this-moment-no-longer-secret as a possible location instead. All Zope committers have the appropriate privileges to scp to this directory. That's where he will be doing his egg work, at least until he thinks we have figured out the best way to make Zope eggs. It can be used a setuptools source.

Okay, that's interesting - I'll investigate this ex-secret location. :)

If you want to use the cheeseshop anyway, that's ok too.

Okay, I'll take a look around and decide what makes sense.


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