Balazs Ree wrote:
> On Sat, 22 Apr 2006 01:56:46 +0200, dev wrote:
>> What I really dislike
>> on the browser:page registration for macros, is, that such macros are also
>> callable as traversable views rigth now. I whould like to see a different
>> lookup for macros in the future.
> That was one of my first annoyances, when arriving as a total newcomer to
> the world of Z3. After asking a few of the smart guys, who said it is not
> possible to set this the way I wanted, I came up with a workaround of
> using a view class that overwrites __call__ and throws an exception from
> it. I'm using this since then but I don't like workarounds (not that
> it'd be such a bad one).
> IMO it would be great to solve this properly, because one point of
> using views is to have a fine control over what to publish and what not.
> And this is a bit broken at this point, currently.

Right, that's why page templates that just provide macros should be
registered unpublishable browser views and not browser pages.

You see how far into the confusion the <browser:page /> directive has
brought us?

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