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> Subject: Re: RFC: The browser:page compromise
> >>> That confuses me even more. I *am* proposing changes to the 
> >>> browser:page directive...
> >> Hmm, never mind. I think I understand what you mean. You'd like to 
> >> see new directives, instead of changing the old ones. Right?
> > 
> > Yes, I think it's very important to bring a little stability to the
> > Zope3 framework rather then change every release such fundamental 
> > parts like directives.
> I will accept this criticism when you tell Jim that his work 
> on jim-adapter branch was wrong for that same reason and when 
> you tell me (which you haven't) that my work on 
> MakeZopeAppSmaller is also wrong for that reason.

That's a difference. Jim's *adapter* refactoring will bring us 
a speed up and solves some problems in the adapter registry
implementation. (lookup multiadapter by it's registration tuple).

Your proposal is just a *cosmetic* change which forces us to
change existing projects and like Florent says: We have to 
write additional python classes for just that. I don't buy this 
as really usefull. 

> Sorry, I just don't buy it. We're still refactoring some key 
> packages like zope.component and you're trying to shoot down 
> a refactoring of 3 ZCML directives?

Why the hell do I have to write additional python classes for 
each page registration after your refactoring?

I don't by this as a improvment. 

If we do this, I can add the browser:page directive back as 
a high level directive and then the need for write additional
python classes is just a YAGNY like before. Is this really a 

Another problem is, that we have mor then 6 projects build
with zope3 up and running. Such a improvment is not nice
and will force us to change more then ~300 existing page 
It's a horror to think about how many python class we have 
to write if we do this simplification!!!

You totaly ignore that Zope3 is not a experimental framework 
now and stability is also a criteria which should recognized.

Please recognize that some people have built applications
with zope3 since more then 2 years now. And respect that
they are not willing to just change everything wich forces 
them to go other ways then before without a real *improvment*.

btw, I don't dislike the refactoring at all, but I just dislike
that we have to update our projects for *this* simplification.
We have at least to provide both way of registration.
Perhaps it's really time to add a higher level directive pool
for such refactorings. Is this a option for you?

Roger Ineichen

> Philipp

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