I'm preparing a presentation and marketing campaign for Zope 3 for the
next weeks linux fair in here in Germany. I'm demonstrating a couple of
things and was trying to use DemoStorage with ClientStorage on a Zope
3.2 server today. However, it didn't work and crashed with this message
and traceback (partially given):

  File "/home/ctheune/Development/Zope-3.2/src/ZODB/DemoStorage.py",
line 94, in __init__
    BaseStorage.__init__(self, name, base)
  File "/home/ctheune/Development/Zope-3.2/src/ZODB/BaseStorage.py",
line 108, in __init__
    self._oid = base._oid
AttributeError: 'ClientStorage' object has no attribute '_oid'

Is this something that 

 - should not be broken
 - should be fixed
 - is known


I'd fix it if someone gave me a quick hint on what is wrong.


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