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do you mean HTTP streaming? http://ajaxpatterns.org/HTTP_Streaming

After reading that excellent article, yes, that is what I mean. I want to use Donovan Preston's LivePage technology, which is described in a link from tha article, under Zope3.

I recently noticed something that makes it tricky to use zope3 in conjunction with Ajax: the request ID computed from the browser via a standard HTTP request/response pattern is different from the id obtain with XMLHttpRequest calls - which makes it rather tricky to use zope3 session id with Ajax (the same browser is seen as 2 different browsers).

I'm not sure what issues are tricky, but LivePage uses a ?id=<sessionid>-<incrementingconnectioninteger>, rather than just the session id, so that you can have the same page open in multiple tabs, each with their own link back to the server.

maybe setting up a page on the z3 wiki that lists current "issues" with Ajax could be a good start?

I'll consider that, if there is interest. I think Ajax support is pretty important these days.

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