On 5/15/06, Jeff Rush <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Now that's odd, because to me having 1,000 clients repeatedly poll the server
every second, and potentially tearing down/making new TCP connections is less
scalable than on a modern OS keeping around 1,000 threads or twisted

Well, if you're certain that 1000 clients is enough, that's not so
bad.  :-)  The number of clients and the frequency of requests
certainly makes a difference.

My comment about fragility remains, of course.  Connections can be
lost due to external situations.  Being able to re-join a session is
something that needs to be considered, but it sounds like you're aware
of that already.

What's right for your application is something you'll need to
determine; the details you described in another message certainly do
point to wanting some sort of streaming support.  In fact, you
probably want to stream additions to the chat dialog from other
participants and submit messages via AJAX.  So you get all the fun of
both!  ;-)

Good luck with your application.


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