Jim Fulton wrote:
I think we need to be more draconian about quality.  Because
we are late for this release, we will need to take the usual shortcuts,
however, if we find missing tests, we should report them as non-critical
bugs.  In addition, we should disallow any new features that would
affect a release until all outstanding bugs, including missing tests
have been resolved.

I agree on that. Quality is why we fix the bugs in first place, isn't it? :)

Finally, I'll note that, IMO, Zope is too big.  This refers to both Zope 2
and Zope 3.  We have too many batteries included and they are starting
to leak acid because they aren't being properly maintained. :)  I'm
very hopeful that we can move to a more agile package-based release
system in the coming months.

Right. I agree on that. Especially on the idea to distribute the maintainership amongs more people so that taking over responsibility for an individual package does not become too much of a burden for the individual.

This also goes along the ZF effort to communicate about the reusability of Zope 3's packages.

I would actually love to see a distribution-oriented sprint early this
fall to look at:

1. How to better leverage eggs in managing and making distributions

2. How to improve the user experience for installing distributions,
    especially for Zope 3.

3. Get rid of zpkg. :)

4. Find a better way to manage the distribution process.
    My hope is that distributions become more about assembling
    packages, much like linux distributions.  My thought is that core
    developers would no-longer be responsible for making distributions.
   There might even be alternate distributions aimed at different

This sounds good and is very interesting for me. The DZUG has a meeting on 14th and 15th of September. We could organize a sprint around that easily.


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