Jim Fulton wrote:
Snipping further collector complaints.  The bug fiing problem is
*not* a tool issue.

I agree it isn't primarily or just a tool issue, but we do have tool issues and there are better tools out there. Developers would be helped by a tool which encourages people to interact with it instead of scares it, and people who submit bugs would be helped by getting clearer information about the status of their bug.

A way to mark bugs for milestones is in my opinion, for instance, a better way to handle bugs than having to mark them critical to get them picked up and considered before a Zope release happens. More modest submitters may mark something as 'bug', and their bug might not be seen.. With a milestone mechanism instead of relying on 'critical' it becomes a lot easier to defer things to a following release, with less risk of actually losing track of issues. I believe that without deferring issues, a release of a large piece of software like Zope 3 is in fact not possible, given limited resources.


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