On Wednesday 16 August 2006 09:42, Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Anyway, nothing is said about dependency on GPL-ed code. That's a
> different debate. It's strictly not against rules, but it does mean one
> expectation is broken: one might want to expect that all code in the
> repository is freely usable without having to worry about
> GPL-provisions. This is not the case for code that depends on GPL-ed
> code. Even though this may be already a grey area for other reasons, it
> still makes sense to think about the intent and people's expectations
> when checking in a codebase.

My expectation is that I have to read all included license files and the 
licenses of the dependencies. Remember, we are talking only about a 
dependency here, not even an inclusion. This case is much weaker than a lot 
of others.

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