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Thanks for doing this work, Christian. I'm in favor of going for Zope 3.4 on a timely basis.

Concerning the delay of Zope 3.3, I think we should consider whether we're not too perfectionistic.

On the one hand core developers seem to be happy to use the trunk for development projects, and on the other hand we demand a lot of work doing bugfixes in a release, up to the point where we delay the release itself. That's a bit paradoxical - evidently the bugs aren't harmful enough to harm these developers much most of the time, but at the same time we consider them extremely harmful if they should appear in a release.

What about a policy where we fix bugs until the release date, and then on the release date, we actually release? Any bugs that are still in it are going to go with it.

Anyway, if the Gnome project can do time-based releases *on the date* we should be able to do it too.


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