On 9/12/06, Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
What about a policy where we fix bugs until the release date, and then
on the release date, we actually release? Any bugs that are still in it
are going to go with it.

I totally agree. My feeling is that the x.x.0 release this time will
be at least as stable as a x.x.1 release normally, maybe even more
stable. Of course, it's bad to have to release a x.x.0 release to find
bugs, but not enough people outside the developer world will actually
install a beta or RC for that to be realistic.

Remember: If all the tests pass, it's ready for a release! :-)

Also, it seems to me that slippage is worse because we slip until we
slip into vacation, which makes us slip even more. I even have the
feeling that people go "It's xmas soon, IƤll fix it then" and of
course you end up sleeping through xmas and eating too much instead of
programming. I know I do. :)

So, I'm more for a March/September cycle for these reasons.

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