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Andreas Jung wrote:
since we are three month late with the current releas, it would make
sense to reschedule Zope 2.11/3.4 for July (or was it June) next yr?!

Is the reasoning here that since a release cycle has taken 9 months, so
should the next? I'm not convinced expanding the release cycle is going
to make us be on time more.

Not really, just a thought in order to stick with the June/December
cycle...but not really an important argument.

If we want to stick with the half-yr cycles, we need to schedule the
next release for around March/April next yr. Thoughts?

That's one option. The other option is to stick with the plan and catch
up, as Christian Theune proposed. It would mean getting very unambitious,
but perhaps that isn't a bad idea. The idea of a release is to have a
reasonably stable, known-good version of the trunk, and it doesn't matter
that much how much the trunk changes.

Anyway, if the main thing holding up *this* release is bugfixes, doing a
new release in 3 months shouldn't be a problem, as after all, we've
already fixed those bugs this time around. :)

3 month for a new release cycle is just too short. We should not follow the
IMO broken concept of "release early, release often" but to follow "release
regular, release solid". At least me I refuse to release something just for the sake of making a release at a certain date.


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