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Jim Fulton wrote:
Some things to note:
I knit all of the .txt files, including documentation-oriented doctest files together in the distutils long description. This causes the pypi page to be pretty informative:

I looked into doing this for zc.catalog as well, but in the end decided not to. zc.catalog contains quite a few doctests and the knitting would be quite involved, so I deferred the work.

I bet it has fewer doc files that zope.testing. http://www.python.org/ pypi/zope.testing, and the knitting wasn't that hard,

While I'm happy with the way this works now as it's agile, I am also hoping that eventually we can move away from the cheeseshop as the prime documentation site of a project; it's not ideally suited for that.

It's not bad either, IMO. Anyway, in the mean time, I suggest that if we try to standardize on anything, I suggest we follow a mechanism that works *now*.


Anyway, we need to start writing this stuff down in an easily found place. Like zope.org...

While I feel what I'm doing is still somewhat experimental, I'm happy to write it down somewhere, if someone will tell me where. :)


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