Chris Withers wrote:
Baiju M wrote:
  What is the target Python version for Zope 3.4, is it Python 2.5?

That would be loverly for both 3.4 and 2.11 :-D

I think it will require a huge effort to get Zope 2 working with
Python 2.5.  Either:

- We need to change Zope 2 to use Zope 3's security system, or

- the RestrictedPython package will need to be reengineered to work with
  the substantially changed Python compiler and many new language features.

I suspect that even Zope 3's security system will need a fair bit of work:

- We need to rework or replace the small bit of RestrictedPython we use, and

- If new Python type slots have been added, we'll need to reflect them in 


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