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Chris Withers wrote:
I don't think it'll be a common pattern, but it doesn't feel right to me that a named adapter (ie: one registered with a specific name) has no way of finding out what name it has been registered with...
Because the same adapter can be registered more than once, it would actually need to find out all the names with which it was registered.

Really? Now this is a use case I hadn't thought of.. can you give me some examples of where you've run into this?

I don't know that I have, but the component system doesn't preclude it so anything we come up with will have to take it into effect.

This seems somewhat analogous to a Python object being given multiple names. In that case too, there is no way for the object to know what it's names are.

Hmmm, okay, but I'd counter with both Zope 2 and Zope 3 having the notion of an object knowing its own name. Certainly in Zope 2, everything has an id or .getId(). That pattern evolved for a reason ;-)

Sure, where "everything" is defined as content space objects, other objects more rarely.
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