On Dec 19, 2006, at 2:34 AM, Christian Theune wrote:

Hi again,

Gary Poster wrote:
I don't have a very strong feeling about it, but lean towards "bug
fix".  It didn't break any of our code (or at least any of our
tests :-) ) so it seems safe from my perspective.

I was trying to apply the patch to the 3.3 branch and noticed that the
patch isn't compatible, as it requires a restructuring that happened on the trunk a while ago. This refactoring (r70331) introduces a very small
feature, but the broken behaviour (trying to put anything into
_toFormValue) exists in the old variant as well.

It's a bit murky, since 70331 only changes internal APIs, but unfortunately the widget subclass API is effectively public in IMO. I don't think 70331 is ok to push back, unfortunately. A shame, but then the easiest thing to do is treat 71548 as a feature too; the other option would be to revise the fix in 71548 for pre-70331.

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